How To Give A Blow Job – Tips On Spicing Up Your Love Life

To learn how to give a BlowJob, you need to understand that there are possibly a few things stopping you from improved performance. Lots of women ask, but the truth of the matter is simple, there is no secret method to suddenly improve your performance. It must be your choice to consciously improve your confidence in yourself that is the best blowjob techniques.

Step one is to motivate yourself. What do you get by learning how to give A blow job? In my experience, the majority of women don’t know how to give great fellatio. The technique is not the problem for most of these women – they lack attitude. They view a blow job as “work” or are afraid to fail. OK, I get it, the name is “blow job” – but seeing it as a job will only factor against you.
Contrary to what you may think men are emotional creatures too. They can easily tell if you are enjoying it or not. How much excitement will your bored, “at work” face bring him? How would you feel in his shoes? Nothing makes a man less excited about being with his woman when you don’t care enough to enjoy yourself during a blow job.

The orgasm happens in the brain (proven by research) meaning that sex is psychological more than it is physical. This is important. The best fellatio I’ve ever had were from women that were happy to be down there. They created a super sexy show and knew some simple techniques to drive me insane. They knew what buttons to push. Not all women have that attitude which is why I spend time helping women. There are many guys out there don’t ever get any fellatio at all, and its mainly because the women in their lives are too shy to try something new.

Make a commitment to change your attitude. A blowjob is not a job, or chore, it about giving your man something special that he should be thankful for. Of course, it also has to be pleasurable for you for it to please him. Hopefully, my advice can cause some improvements in your relationships. Trust me. As a guy, I truly understand the impact a great blowjob can have on a relationship. Why wouldn’t you invest some of your time and learn how to give a blowjob?

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